primeval wrestling

when your thighs touch my thighs

I hardly ever stay still

with my insides stirred and boiling

butterflies flying, naturally,

breath on your neck lips on my ear

and messages being delivered

through all my electrically excitable cells

never ending bodily texting

sharp intake of fluids

a natural occurrence between protagonists

ancient sports as volcanic eruptions

achilles and thor forevermore


on writing

oh how i love writing

about nothing in particular

just let the pen slide

up and down and

from left to right

no big words marking paper

no iloveyous no imissyous

just the joy of hand in movement

up and down and

from left to right


lightly written

push push

how the day has passed

how nothing bad happened

nothing at all

on days like this

when i keep using my fountain delight

i think i know what happiness means

moments without problems

my back with no demons on it


morning youth

light grey mornings and your lips

against mine and ripe fruit

for breakfast

two coffees

no cigarette for me

sex before shower

i break

one cigarette please


we are inhaling